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Instant Payday Loan Ltd is easy, simple, and straightforward to use. Our site makes our system simple to use and friendly for loan applications.  Our system is so simple “even an 5 years old could do it”!

  • Complete short application form
  • Consent to the terms & Conditions
  • Monies will be transferred into your account

Information Required Getting your Loan

In order to qualify for your payday loans you will need to be eligible to gain access to it.  As longs as you are in employment, living within the UK and 18 years and over.

  • Bank account number and sort code
  • National insurance number
  • Dates of your next paydays are
  • The amount of times you are paid (monthly, weekly, fortnight)
  • A number of recourse to be able to get in touch with you i.e. work, home or mobile
  • Address with postal code
  • The measure of time at your current address

When either applying or receiving a UK payday loan, it is now simpler than before.  Once you filled out the applications online, one of our experts will start to review the information you provided in order to match you up to the perfect lender.  With the fact there are less requirements needed, payday loans online are now easier to obtain.


The great news is, there’s credit checks involved with your application online however, it is not as rigorous as high street banks .  When you apply online through our site, all your personal details are kept within strictest confidentiality. So basically when applying for instant payday loans with us it is as good as no credit check.


instant payday loans online are very straightforward to apply for, if time is sensitive to gain access the money now! High street banks normally perform credit checks which can slow down the decision pace to get your money.  The cues are long and even when you apply at the counter your credit scoring may not be up to par with the bank’s requirements.  Put aside, the uncertainties, by choosing to apply for your payday loans UK with which, you will receive into your bank account using our secure system.


Repayment of your payday loan is very simple.  Upon the next scheduled pay, the amount borrowed along with the pre-determined fee, will automatically be deducted from your current bank account.  If for any reason you need to extend for more time, please contact one of our representatives prior to the agreed date for repayments so that they can successfully assist you.

To know more about our no credit check payday loans you can give us a call or shoot us an email. No obligations.

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